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St James's Club Etiquette & Rules

A guide to customs and traditions


"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men."- Sir Douglas Bader


It is our aim to make members' visits to the Club enjoyable: as such, we endeavour to have as few restrictions as necessary.


However, we do have select rules by which we expect members to abide when on Club premises; these are listed below.


Our Club rules are in place to ensure all visitors can enjoy our facilities with minimal disruption. If you are unsure of a particular rule, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.


Thank you.



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Etiquette at the St James's Club

Entrance Hall


Members are requested to leave coats, hats, umbrellas, briefcases and other items of outerwear in the entrance hall on the ground floor. If you are concerned about any valuables, please ask at the bar: we can arrange for them to be kept in a secure place until you leave.



Members are welcome to bring their paperwork into our Reading Room or Hot Desking suite, however for the consideration of other patrons we ask that paperwork is not brought into our dining rooms.

Business Cards

Our members and guests are welcome to exchange business cards in the Club.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile telephones should be switched off or put on “silent” on entering the Club. If a member or guest wishes to take a call this may be done in our Reading Room or Hot-Desking Suite.


In accordance with the 2007 smoke free legislation, it is illegal to smoke on Club premises.

Dress Code


All members and visitors to the Club are required to dress smartly, although it is not compulsory to wear a tie. Denim jeans or t-shirts may not be worn on Club premises.


We currently have the following seasonal dress codes in place:


Winter: (September 1- April 30)

Gentlemen are required to wear jackets, although these may be removed when seated.


Summer (May 1- August 30)

Gentlemen are not required to wear jackets.


The Club Table

When attending a function at St. James's you should take the next available seat at the Club table so there are no gaps.

When there is a heavy demand for places, those taking an early lunch should take coffee in the bar to make space for later arrivals.

Private Dining

Members may reserve tables in advance. We strongly recommend that members book in advance for private dining. Please call 0161 829 3000.


If you find you need to cancel your place or that of your guest at any Club function, you should do so at least 24 hours before the function otherwise you will be charged in full.


Members are precluded from offering gratuities to our staff, however they may express their appreciation by contributing to the Staff Fund both at Christmas or at other times when special services have been rendered.


Members may bring one or more guests to the Club at any time, except in the case of a members-only function. In the interest of fire safety and security, that the names of all guests mist be entered in the visitors’ book.

Payment for food and drink

Members must settle their accounts for food and drink consumed in the Club before leaving the premises. Guests may pay for food and drink consumed in the Club, although this is ultimately the responsibility of the member who introduces them.

Suggestion box

Our suggestion box is kept in the Reading Room for members to post their comments using the St. James's Club comment cards.

The Hon. Secretary will respond to these at the appropriate time.


Introducing new members

New members are welcome. If a member is asked by a friend to introduce them, the member should telephone the Club on 0161 829 3000.

Reciprocal clubs

Members intending to visit one of our reciprocal clubs should notify the St. James's Club office so that the club in question can be notified in advance. Members must ensure that they have their club card with them and/or a letter of introduction to produce to the club they are visiting.



In the interest of security we ask that our members and guests ensure that the front door is firmly closed when they leave or enter our premises.