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Information for Club Visitors

Visitors to the St James's Club have often remarked upon on its fine food, excellent service, convivial atmosphere and the magnificently preserved character of the building.


The St James's Club welcomes visitors as guests at many of our regular Club functions, as this affords them the opportunity to experience our facilities first-hand, thus discovering exactly why members hold our name in such high-esteem.


Tradition, camaraderie and fellowship are leitmotifs at St James's.


Whether you're attending the Club as a member or visitor, you can expect to meet good friends old and new in a resplendent setting that marries epicurean taste with modern convenience; all with the superlative level of service that has made St James's reputation.



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Visitors at the St James's Club

Our Club is the perfect tonic to the streamlined sterility found in many modern offices, which is why so many of our business-minded members choose to bring their clients here for an informal drink or an amenable business lunch.


Many such clients were so impressed with the Club that they in turn became members here.


From the moment they arrive, they take cognisance of what it is that sets St. James's apart from the high street coffee place or chain bar; there are no gimmicks, you'll not be drowned out by piped music, nor are you pressured to rush your meal in time for the next party.


You will find uncommonly good service that is both personal and dependable with facilities tailored to meet the demands of any city professional.

The Club also has fully equipped function rooms, our recently refurbished hot-desking area office, private bar and dining facilities; all of which can be adapted to suit your requirements.


To find out a litle bit more please click this link and complete a visitor enquiry form.